If you’re going to move house, there’s a lot to organise. Not only do you need to find a suitable estate agent, and choose a licensed conveyancer, but you also need to arrange a removals van to get your stuff from A to B. 

When you’re creating your checklist for moving, arranging a method of furniture removal is vital.

But a common question that movers often ask is “what size van do I need when moving house?”

It probably comes as no surprise that there are different moving van sizes, but when you’re moving home, it’s imperative to organise the right size removals van for your personal belongings.

After all, you don’t want to have to leave your double bed or washing machine behind because you’ve gone for the wrong size van!

With that in mind, read our expert removals advice with top tips and van size estimator to help you pick the correct size moving van for your furniture items. 

A Removal Van Size Guide

It isn’t always easy to determine the right removal van size for your house move.

However, it helps to know that removals companies usually have specific sized moving vans available. While there are various makes and models out there, your chosen removals firm will be able to give you advice about the types of vehicles that they’ll have available for hire. 

Of course, there isn’t a single perfect van size for every house mover. After all, if you live in a two-bedroom house, you’re sure to have more boxes of personal belongings and items of furniture, than people living in studios or one-bedroom flats. 

It stands to reason that, when you’re working on your moving house checklist, determining the loading capacity of the removals van for your house is key. 

Read on to discover our guide to van hire and the average loading capacity of different van sizes.

How long does it take to load a removal van?

It’s easy to get a move on with professional movers. Assuming you’re already prepared, it should take no more than an hour for two skilled professionals to load your moving van and carry everything into the new property in less time than if you were loading up by yourself! If you can prepare ahead of time, then they’ll be able to do all the heavy lifting without any issues at all.

Keep in mind that the number of personal belongings you’re taking with you into the new property will influence how long it takes. Even with two professional movers, emptying a 4-bedroom house will take a lot longer than a 1-bedroom!

Medium Wheel Based Transit Van 

Medium wheels base vans, also known as MWB vans, or an MWB transit, are one of the UK’s top home removals solutions thanks to its easy load platform, high roof, and affordable hire costs. 

The Ford Transit medium wheelbase MWB and the medium wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter Van are two of the most popular wheelbase transit van options today.

Their ply-lined insides allow for easier loading and unloading.

A medium wheelbase MWB van is ideal for small office removals or ideal for moving up to two people and their possessions from a studio. It will usually hold around 380 cubic feet (10 cubic metres) or up to 40 document storage boxes (i.e. a medium-sized box).

Long Wheels Base LWB Transit Van

If an MWB transit van isn’t big enough, a long wheel based transit may fit the bill.

Sometimes called Jumbo Sprinters or Jumbo Transits, these vans are perfect for removals from one or two-bedroom houses, or for larger office moves.

They can accommodate a dining table and chairs, a single wardrobe, a flat-screen TV with home entertainment system, a fridge freezer, chests of drawers and up to thirty boxes thanks to their 530 cubic feet loading capacity.

3.5 Tonne Luton Vans and the 7.5 tonne Luton lorry

3.5 tonne Lutons, are also a popular removal truck. Their average loading capacity is around 550 cubic feet (around the same as an LWB). However, a 3.5 ton Luton offers the benefit of a tail lift while also being narrow and manoeuvrable. 

This van with a tail lift is sometimes known as a box van and ideal for removals from small houses, holding as many as 45 boxes along with the furniture.

There are also 7.5 ton Lutons which are big enough for 3 bedroom houses removals since they can store up to 50 boxes along with a sofa double bed, dining tables and chairs, wardrobes, and kitchen appliances, due to their 880 cubic feet capacity.

Larger Vehicles

If your house move is from a 4 or 5-bed house or if you’re looking for international removals, a Luton van probably won’t be large enough.

When you’re getting removals quotes, you should arrange for home surveys when a removals firm representative comes to assess your belongings, so they can give you instant quotes for an appropriately sized van.  

Mick Silver

Mick Silver

Mick Silver is the CEO and co-founder of Moovshack. With over 20 years in the property industry. After working with traditional estate agents, Mick decided to launch Moovshack; a fully interactive property app.