What size skip do I need for a home renovation?


Whether you’re purchasing a new property or whether you’re keen to renovate your existing home to boost its value on the market, the question “what size skip do I need” is a common one. Even the smallest scale home renovation project will generate bags worth of waste, so knowing how…

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Best flooring for your conservatory

By Property Maintenance

Traditionally, a glass conservatory is a home extension that allows people to enjoy the sunlight while relaxing inside their home. These days conservatory prices are becoming more affordable, especially with the increase in conservatory finance options. This has led to conservatories increasingly being used as a room where families can…

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Shared ownership pros and cons explained

By Buying Property

Shared ownership represents an excellent way of getting onto the property ladder.  If you’re first-time buyers unable to borrow enough or cannot afford to purchase a home outright on the property market, it’s potentially a good solution. Here, we look at shared ownership pros and cons to help you understand…

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The pros and cons of downsizing your home

By Selling Property

There’s no doubt about it, downsizing your home can help you save money while enjoying the equity release that you’ve freed up by moving home. Whether you’re interested in selling your house to relocate closer to family, or you’re considering a complete lifestyle change. Whether you’re selling your home to…

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