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Buying or renting?

We’ve got 1000’s of properties for you - plus you can access any other portal or content in-app and simply save your favourite listings, articles & media into ‘My content’ for easy access anytime!

Thinking of selling or letting?

You’ll need a home valuation – but online tools are wildly inaccurate. The best route is to ask the real experts - with one click Moovshack invites multiple estate agents to send their valuations, marketing approach & terms to you discretely in-app for easy comparison.

Offer accepted?

Moovshack has a unique sales completion tool that helps you track the process step-by-step, saving you time, stress & hassle. Buyers, sellers & agents are all linked & synched together so that everyone knows instantly where they are in the process.

Already moved in?

Use our ‘My content’ feature to find, save & interact with suppliers ranging from home improvers to utilities & finance companies.

Looking To Sell Or Rent Your Property?

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How it works

Easy access

Moovshack helps manage your entire home project storing all related info like properties, content, documents, messages & meetings within your own dedicated property app

Property search

Search our 1000’s of listings plus share your favourite properties & content from any other portal into Moovshack, so all your favourites can be instantly retrieved

In-app scheduling

Easily book meetings for onsite valuations, viewings or maintenance in-app, with only a few clicks – no need for endless calls & emails!

Chat with agents

Use Moovshack to chat with agents & contacts, request in-app valuations or to send & receive offers, documents, images & video. Use chat & photos to report maintenance issues in-app, 24/7


Instantly sign, approve & store contracts, brochures & quotes without the hassle of printing & scanning or posting just to return them.

Other services

Moovshack is packed with loads of unique features plus we are continually adding useful new services like mobile payments & AR


Looking To Sell Or Rent Your Property?