Traditionally, a glass conservatory is a home extension that allows people to enjoy the sunlight while relaxing inside their home.

These days conservatory prices are becoming more affordable, especially with the increase in conservatory finance options. This has led to conservatories increasingly being used as a room where families can work, relax or dine.

With this in mind, your conservatory flooring choice can be tricky!

So what is the best type of flooring for conservatory areas that looks good and is hard-wearing?

Victorian conservatories featured ceramic tiled floors, but these days there are many more floor types and flooring options available that allow you to create a cosy look for your own personal sunroom.

How do you choose your floor?

Read on, and we’ll take a look at some expert tips that will help you find the best conservatory flooring idea for you and your home.

This article contains:

Which conservatory flooring choices are there?

Carpeted flooring

Laminate flooring

Engineered wood floor and solid wood floor

Vinyl floor tile

What do I need to consider when selecting a conservatory floor?

Is my conservatory a sun trap?

Which rooms connect to my conservatory?

Getting information about conservatory floor options 

What Is The Best Flooring For Conservatories?

Whether you have a modern UPVC conservatory, a wooden conservatory, or one of the older lean-to conservatories, there is no shortage of flooring ideas that will look effortlessly stylish.

Here we explore different flooring terminology and discover the best looks for conservatory flooring.

There are lots of different choices for your conservatory floor. They include:

  • Carpeted flooring for your conservatory or carpet tiles
  • Laminate flooring
  • Engineered wood flooring
  • Real wood floor
  • Luxury vinyl tile
  • Ceramic floor tile

Carpeted Flooring

If you’re looking for a way to make your space feel relaxing and cosy, the carpet could be the ideal conservatory flooring option.

Both standard carpet and carpet conservatory floor tiles make this indoor/outdoor space warm and comfortable.

They are excellent in homes where the conservatory is acting as a dining or living space.

Laminate Flooring

If you’re looking for a type of floor that is simple to care for and easy to clean, laminate flooring is a better choice than wood flooring thanks to its low maintenance design.

Laminate is especially useful in homes where there is a lot of traffic through the conservatory to the garden.

With its fresh, modern look, laminate is the perfect floor to complement all kinds of conservatories style.

Engineered Wood Floor and Solid Wood Floor

Although a wooden floor looks stylish, hand-scraped or solid wood flooring isn’t ideal in your conservatory. This is because these spaces can have conditions which could cause damage to the floor.

There are ways of regulating the temperature inside your conservatory, of course.

Replacing an old single glazed sash window with modern double glazing or even triple glazing will improve your conservatory climate.

Adding underfloor heating and insulating your conservatory roof or getting a conservatory roof replacement can also be beneficial.

However, even with secondary glazing, underfloor heating and other temperature regulation methods in place, real wood still expands and contracts and the large or bay windows in your conservatory will continuously be fluctuating between hot and cold. This could end up damaging your floor.

If you are keen for your replacement conservatory floor to be made from wood, you should apply UV lacquer, giving it some added protection. 

An engineered wood floor is more suitable for conservatories and has an attractive wood effect look.

Vinyl Flooring Tile

At one time, vinyl flooring was considered to be rather downmarket.

However, that is no longer the case.

In fact, modern vinyl floor options are not only low maintenance and affordable, but they’re also effortlessly stylish thanks to the many designs available.

You could choose from realistic wood or stone effect tiles, or select one of the faux ceramic tile options that create a traditional look for your conservatory.

When it comes to flooring care, vinyl tiles are perfect since they are water-resistant and straightforward to wash.

If you want to do DIY conservatories flooring, vinyl tiles are the best option since they usually come with comprehensive installation guides so you can easily lay them yourself.

What Do I Need To Consider When Selecting a Conservatory Floor?

It isn’t always as easy as you might imagine selecting the right floor for your conservatory, but read on and discover some of the top factors to bear in mind:

  • Can I regulate the temperature in my conservatory?
  • Is there a door which leads into the garden through which dirt could get brought in?
  • How much can I afford to spend?
  • What type of look do I want to achieve?
  • How will I be using my space?

The answers to these questions will help you to determine the best kind of floor for your conservatory.

Is My Conservatory a Sun Trap?

Bespoke conservatories are more popular than ever. With so many different conservatory ideas and styles to pick from, it’s easy to find a spot to install your conservatory where you can enjoy maximum sunshine, especially as planning permission is rarely required. 

Although it’s great to have plenty of sun exposure, it can cause problems for your flooring though. The suns UV rays can cause parts of your floor to fade, leading to an uneven and patchy look.

Since the flooring for your conservatory will cost a substantial sum, you don’t want to risk this kind of damage.

It’s best to choose a floor with integrated UV protection or, at the very least, to move furniture around regularly.

Which Rooms Connect To My Conservatory?

One further consideration when choosing a flooring type is the rooms that connect to your conservatory.

If you have no back door and your room connects only to a carpeted space such as a dining room, a carpeted floor will probably be easy enough to care for and keep clean.

On the other hand, if your conservatory is connected to your kitchen, you may need to consider choosing a good quality conservatory carpet that is water and spill-resistant and easy to maintain.

If there is access to the garden through your conservatory, an easy to clean floor is probably the best option since you don’t want to regularly clean mud from a carpet.

Even if you only have artificial grass in your garden, wet footprints can still end up marking and staining a carpet.

Getting Information About Conservatory Floor Options

It can certainly be challenging to decide on the best kind of floor for your conservatory.

However, the good news is that you’ll get plenty of advice from magazine articles which help plan ideal homes before you visit flooring outlets.

Make sure, though, that you check multiple websites to get a good idea of the floor and conservatory cost, and if you consent to receive more information you will be able to easily compare the cost of your new floor.

Many flooring outlets will also offer you free of charge, no-obligation home visits so you can get in-person advice about the best type of flooring to suit your needs. 

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in conservatory flooring options because you’re moving home, click here to find out ways to make your relocation run more smoothly. 

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