Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moovshack a free-to-list property portal?

Yes – But we are much more than just a typical property portal.

Both Sales and Lettings agents can list unlimited properties free of charge with Moovshack. This means that if all you want to do is advertise your listings with us and not interact on our platform or use any of our deal winning tools, then you can do so free of charge.

But we are taking the property portal concept to a new level and offer consumers and agents value at every stage of the property journey – not just the initial search stage like the old style portals.

What are your subscription charges for?

We are completely free for consumer to use and for agents to list properties with us.

But because we are a fully interactive platform where consumers and agents can connect, engage and transact, we have a range of lead generation and deal winning features & tools that we charge a small monthly subscription for professional estate agents to use.

My customers and colleagues are concerned about social distancing, can Moovshack help?

Absolutely – in the ‘new normal’ world of social distancing and COVID-19 – we are all concerned about transacting safely. Moovshack uniquely offers a range of in-app features that help consumers and agents conduct most of the home moving process remotely, ensuring that personal space and safety are paramount.

These features include arm’s length home valuations, live virtual appraisals and viewings using our video chat features, e-signatures for contracts, in-app chat messaging and offer management plus an automated sales progression tool that syncs buyers, sellers & agents so that everyone get’s instant updates as the process moves from offer accepted to completion.

Why is Moovshack a mobile app?

Moovshack is available on iOS and Android for consumers and Moovshack Pro is on iOS and desktop for estate agents – so it’s true to say we are ‘mobile-first’.

Mobile is the future for all types of consumer engagement.

Over 90% of all time spent online is in mobile apps – and over 80% (and growing) of all property searches are via mobile devices.

We carry our smartphones with us almost 24/7 and because Moovshack is so powerful and offers far more than basic property search, it’s much better to have as a mobile app that sits on your device and is always just one click away from responding to a valuation request or updating you on communications with your customers & applicants.

Can consumers find every property available online by using Moovshack?

Yes they can – we have a built-in web browser that lets anyone access the major portals like Rightmove, Zoopla & OnTheMarket or any other website online, so that they can share all their favourite properties or any other type of content such as articles, videos and images into ‘My content’ for easy access and retrieval.

There’s no need to ever lose any helpful or interesting content again – or to have multiple property portal apps on a single device –  because once you’ve downloaded Moovshack, anything & everything can be found, saved and retrieved easily using the Moovshack all-in-one app.

How can Moovshack help my agency make more money?

Moovshack Pro automates low level tasks like booking viewings and getting feedback from buyers and renters. Plus our chat platform helps you communicate with multiple parties at once – as opposed to face-to-face or telephone communications which require your full one-to-one attention.

We’ve got a range of other features that save time and reduce costs as well as expensive deal drop-outs such as our Completion tool that automatically syncs you with your buyers & sellers and tracks the sales progression process step-by-step keeping all key stakeholders instantly updates on any progress or issues.

But even more exciting is our ability to digitally tie all the consumers you introduce to Moovshack to your agency for life. This means that when if they ever buy a service from us we will pay you 80% of any commission we receive.

Imagine the extra income you could achieve every year as you add more consumer users to Moovshack, knowing that could monetise up to 100% of them without doing any more work or incurring any additional costs.

How does Moovshack ensure the quality of leads we receive?

Lead quality is always a challenge in property marketing because there are typically 5 times as many consumers browsing portals as there are actual home movers.

This can sometimes result in agents over filtering leads in an attempt to reduce unproductive engagements with applicants.

But because Moovshack is a mobile app it means that much of the filtering process has already been done before our consumer users contact our member agents – anyone taking the time to download and sign-up to an app is more likely to be a serious and motivated applicant.

In addition to this – we also ensure that our consumer users can only engage with our agents if they are logged-in to their app so that their identities are clear before agents need to respond and engage.


How does Moovshack's agent pricing work?

We offer a free trial of typically 3 months to new agents – although currently we have a special 12 month free trial for Founder agents who are happy to be the first to beta test our tech.